Christian Marzy

I love to guide others so that they explore and pursue their dreams. In addition to mentoring and coaching peers, I created 3 hours of free video tutorials for the public. By sharing knowledge and experience with others, I build collaborative, independent and skillful teams. As a Lead Artist, I founded and grew a team of up to 6 members and presented in front of 300 people. I empower your team so it can create beautiful experiences autonomously. As a Procedural Technical Artist, I held 5 on-site workshops, solve technical problems and provide easy to use procedural solutions so your artists can create beautiful worlds that your customers can enjoy. As a Houdini Artist, I research and prototype with node based programming to create customized tools that supercharge your teams workflow. My art directable procedural approach makes it easy to create large scale environments. With my easy to use generators, everyone can create terrain, roads, towns, buildings and lakes with just a few clicks. As a Level Artist, I enjoy to create and share experiences. By 3D modeling, sculpting landscapes, building cities, dressing roads and painting terrain materials, I helped to ship 11 video games. I like to explore and learn new skills. As a freelancer, I completed 56 projects, including Unreal, Unity and mobile game development, which encourage others to achieve the unexpected.

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