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Bring your project to the next level with my creative services

Discover my high quality 3D services from awesome game assets to full scale architectural visualizations.

Validated in open world generation, I create tools and solutions to supercharge your artists workflow.

Proven in TV production, you can rely on my meaningful scene set up, dynamic camera work and editing skills in your cutscenes or trailers.

Collaborations and satisfied clients

3D Art & Motion Design for several video games.

Teamleading & art direction for a promotional kinect football game.

3D & post production for promotional image movies.

Coca Cola
CG-environment & Motion Design for the Xmas marketing.

Cutting & editing live-action trailers for car promotion.

Mercedes Benz
Post production for 360° turntable videos of several vehicles.

Released video game projects

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Level / Biome / Procedural Art (2018)

Assassin’s Creed Origins
Level / Biome / Procedural Art (2017)

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Environment / Level Art (2015)

Sphero’s Journey
Soloproject for Android (2016)

Anno 2205
Environment Art / Motion Graphics / Trailer (2015)

Might & Magic Heroes Online
Special FX (2014)

Anno 2070 – Deep Ocean
3D Art (2012)

Anno 2070
Motion Graphics (2011)

Freelance Art (2008)

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Level Art

As a Senior Artist on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey I was happy to build several locations and sights around ancient Greece.

By sculpting landscapes, building cities, dressing roads and painting terrain materials, I brought multiple areas around Crete from draft to final.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Biome and Procedural Art
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As a Biome Artist, I had the great pleasure to mentor and lead a team in creating procedurally generated landscapes.

In addition to delivering the arid biome, I took responsibility for milestone planning, inter studio communication and helping the team to reach the artistic vision for all our biomes.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Level Art

As a Level Artist on Assassin’s Creed Origins I created several locations and sights around ancient Egypt.

By sculpting landscapes, building temples, dressing roads and painting terrain materials, I brought multiple areas along the Nile river from draft to final.

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Assassin's Creed Origins

Biome and Procedural Art
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As a Senior Artist in Singapore, I had the opportunity to help establishing a new workflow for automatically generated landscapes.

Based on World Machine eroded terrain, we scattered textures, cliffs, roads and vegetation completely procedural with Houdini.

The Division

Environment Art

My visuals reveal stories that took place during and after a virus outbreak.

By creating buildings, dressing streets and adjusting lighting, I brought 15 blocks of New York from whitebox to final.

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Anno 2070

Motion Graphics
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Collaborating with concept artists on storyboards helped me to create several videos with After Effects for Anno 2070.

For corporate, TV and on-air design pieces, I also created and supported various projects for several major German TV broadcasters and “Yahoo”.

Anno 2205

3D Assets

My objects are set in a futuristic city-building and economic simulation game. I modeled 3D assets from lowpoly to highpoly, baked and textured physically based shading maps.

Additionally I managed several game features as associate lead artist and trained new employees.

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My Game Production

Self developed projects
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Sphero’s Journey is a rolling ball adventure game for Android. I created it from scratch with Unreal Engine in my free time.

As a freelancer I hire and supervise teams to develop marketing games from start to finish. Taking responsibility for the concept, planning, production, outsourcing, art direction and quality assurance.

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Procedural Tools

Houdini Digital Assets

You are building worlds? With my easy to use generators, everyone can create terrain, roads, towns, buildings and lakes with just a few clicks.

As a Houdini artist, I create and customize tools to supercharge your teams workflow. My art directable procedural approach makes it easy to create large scale environments.

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My Tutorials

Workshops and Videos
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I love to guide others so that  they explore and pursue their dreams. In addition to mentoring and advising peers, I also hold team workshops and create video tutorials for the public.

By sharing knowledge and experience with others, I build collaborative, independent and skillful teams. 

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Christian Marzy

Environment & Procedural Artist

Ubisoft Singapore (since 2016)

Lead Artist
Managing and mentoring a team in creating procedurally generated landscapes and level art for “Assassin's Creed” games.

Ubisoft Germany (2015)

Senior Artist
Creating Trailers and Cinematics for "Anno 2205" my work included 3D Art, Level Art, Motion Design, Camera Animation, Lighting, Effects & Editing.

Ubisoft UK (2014)

Environment / Level Artist
Bringing 15 blocks of New York from whitebox to final, I created buildings, dressed streets and added environmental storytelling for “The Division”.

Related Designs (2010)

3D Artist
Creating environments, architecture, vehicles, modular buildings, trailers and cutscenes for "Anno 2070", "Heroes" and other games.

Opium Effect (2007)

3D Artist / Motion Designer
Building corporate, TV and on-air design pieces, I created and supported various projects for several major German TV broadcasters and “Yahoo”.

Freelancer (since 2002)

Digital Artist / Project Management
Delivered architectural visualizations, games and marketing videos by myself or hired and supervised teams for clients like "BMW" and "Coca Cola".


The German Film School (2007)

Advanced TV Production
Using real cameras, green-screen and tracking software, our team created 2 live action short movies, enhanced using CG effects and animation.

The German Film School (2006)

The World of 3D Professionals
Learning about storytelling, 3D, lighting, and composition, I created a successful 5 minute short movie solo project from storyboard to final cut.

Chip Online (2004)

Graphic Artist
Creation of lead and teaser graphics for the leading German media portal. Work included editing, color-correction and compositing product graphics.

TV Werk (2002)

Video Editor Trainee
Advanced training for digital cut, visual effects, movie trailers and post production for several TV shows such as “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”


German: Native

English: Working proficiency

French: Elementary

About me

In turning my hobby into a profession I have brought my passion to the industry, a passion that enables me to deliver quality and reliable work. In my 14 plus years experience in games and movies I have developed a proven track record in successful project completion and, most importantly, fulfilling client needs. I also value teamwork and have the ability to either supervise or work under supervision. I am constantly learning about new tools and techniques, including ones outside my core profession, to broaden my competencies and maximize my performance.


3ds Max
After Effects
3D Art (14 years)

Long term experience in low and highpoly modelling, baking, texturing. Specialized in environment art, modular buildings, vehicles and architecture.

Cutscenes (12 years)

I have a comprehensive understanding of camera animation, lighting and timing. I am also experienced in choosing the right composition, editing and storytelling.

Teamleading (8 years)

In my lead positions for several projects, I have developed my leadership and organizational skills. I love to share and broaden my knowledge with a team.

Photography & Filming (18 years)

I am skilled in capturing HDR panoramas, getting the right angle for an architectural shot, doing event/travel movies and taking pictures in stereoscopic 3D.

Strong Learner

I am always eager to learn new things. In addition to work skill development, I took courses for motorbike, motorboat, windsurfing, kiteboarding, canyoning, cooking and guitar playing.


I am an avid traveler and have visited 28 countries. My travels have inspired many of my projects. In return I have worked in studios around the globe.



Learning focused on goals.
Teaching and imparting to others.
Quick to change (learns from past mistakes).
Helps others identify learning styles.


Finds root causes to problems.
Sees patterns and finds solutions.
Thorough - makes well informed decisions.
Objective - not swayed by emotions.


Caring and trusting.
Intentional in reaching out.
Builds deep and lasting relationships.
Breaks barriers through authenticity.


Laser like precision.
Prioritizes very well.
Achieves team goals and outcomes.
Manages relationships while focusing.


Highly productive.
Creates efficient systems.
Breaks down complexity.
Creates order in chaos.

Energized by

Responsibilities and structures.
Independence with little supervision.
Constantly changing technologies.
Researching, analyzing, finding patterns.
Friendly casual environment.

Achieve consistently
Collaborate constructively
Challenge yourself
Bring a leadership mindset
Enhance your job expertise


Christian Marzy

Environment & Procedural Artist

Christian Marzy
79 West Coast Crescent
#23-04 The Vision
Singapore 126793
+65 8495 8045

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